LANIN is a studio based in Baltimore, Maryland which works with artists, designers and industry professionals to conceive of and create expertly executed furniture. The company was founded by Alexandr Zhikulin, whose passion for sculpture, love of furniture design and metal work came together to create LANIN. The name of which comes from Alexandr’s grandfather whose life long work as a builder and engineer has been a constant inspiration. Alexandr has a passion for impeccable craftsmanship, unique finishes, and interesting material juxtapositions. We welcome collaborations with private clients and interior designers to create timeless, custom designs.



We offer our services not only as designers but also critical thinkers who specialize in metal fabrication and custom metal finishes. We love a challenge, and will be very happy to take your inspirations in any format — from quantum field theory to a texture found on an interesting rock. For inquiries about custom furniture, or to schedule a design appointment please feel free to email or call.




alexandr {at} lanindesign {dot} com

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